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Sunday School started in Carbondale in 1932 by Rev. N. L. Van Dallen. Sunday School was held in the Carbondale Elementary School. Rev. Van Dallen would walk there to have Sunday School because he didn't have a car. Also having a part at that time were Frank and Bernie Woolston, Emil and Winnie Gustafson, and Vera Houser (Bob Houser's mother).

The Articles of Incorporation were signed by 27 charter members on January 12, 1949 and recorded in the Secretary of State's Office on April 23, 1949 and Polk County Court House on May 3, 1949. The ground breaking ceremony of the Carbondale Evangelical Free Church building was held on September 10, 1950. Rev. A.D. Kurtz was pastor at that time. Dedication service was held on Sunday, July 22, 1951. Rev. Ed Nelson, Rev. Sodergren and Rev. and Mrs. W.C. Berggren took part in the service.

Volunteer work from our own communities was used as well as from the Polk City Church. The Highland Park Free Church (now known as Westchester Evangelical Free Church) gave us seating. Mr. Bergling of the Boone Church gave us a piano. Many others shared in gifts to make the building possible.

The first baptismal service was held on September 24, 1950 at Avon Lake.

Carbondale Sunday School contributed to Hugo and Mildred Johnson, missionaries in Hong Kong. Mildred was Rev. Ed Nelson's sister. He was pastor of the Adelphi Church at that time (1949).

Pastor Gerald Naber was called as Pastor of the church in October of 1960 with the provision that the congregation vote each year whether he should continue as pastor. He was ordained into the Evangelical Free Church on March 17, 1968.

Ground breaking for the new sanctuary was held on May 3, 1964. District Superintendent Carl Linde was guest speaker. Keith Fredregill (Stephen's dad) donated his time and labor for the biggest share of the work on the building, even making an indoor baptistry. 

Sometime in 1992, Williams Pipe Line Company approached Pastor Naber and the congregation about the possibility of relocating so they could put pipe lines next to relocated highway 65. The congregation voted and agreed they would be willing to relocate.  Johnston Construction began the work of building a new church in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, in the fall of 1994. Three men at the urging of Phil Hildebrand donated ground for the new church. 

When the congregation knew they would be relocating into Pleasant Hill, they voted to change the name of the church to Pleasant Hill Free Church.  God was very good to us and many people donated many things. Lindy Brown from Brown Brothers electric donated the electrical work. Pastor Naber and Darwin Hook did all the trash pick up each evening. The power company donated their hook up at the urging of Lindy Brown. 

The members of the church did the painting and a lot of odd jobs. The church was completed and we moved into the new building in April of 1995.

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